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Eleanor Rigby (J. Lennon/ P. McCartney) Stream

Roll Your R's (D. Diamant) Download / Stream

Mam'selle (M.Gordon/ E.Goulding) Download / Stream

Dolores Bolero (D. Diamant) Download / Stream

Now You See How You Are (B.Harris/ O. Pettiford) Download / Stream

Gant's Gambol (D. Diamant) Download / Stream

Old Folks (W. Robinson/ D.L. Hill) Stream

Tour de Force (D. Gillespie) Stream

PC's Blues (R. Garland) Stream

Alone Together (H. Dietz/ A. Schwartz) Stream

Three Blind Mice (Folk Tune/ Traditional) Download / Stream

Waltz Des Amis (D. Diamant) Download / Stream

Namely You (Mercer/ DePaul) Stream

Yardbird Suite (C. Parker) Stream